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A Book on Living Forever. Chapter 1

Posted by Claire Distenfeld on


A Book On Living Forever

Potions to take and wellness centers to go

Sky Ting Yoga, NYC

Sometimes it's not about inventing the game, but rather tweaking it, curating it, and making it your own.  Chloe and Krissy from Sky Ting did just that with the yoga game.  I’d never truly found my yoga groove until I started working with Chloe and the Sky Ting ‘katonah’ type of yoga. They cross-pollinate all types of yoga practices to make up their own…an almost rhythmic, thai massage like poetic practice, that deepens the experience of the postures through the mental and psychical understanding of the poses. They also have great swag!

The Alchemist's Kitchen, NYC

Health spots, juice shops, matcha moments are popping up all over this freaking city. But they are not all created equal. Alchemist Kitchen is very much the real deal when it comes to holistic health and learning more about the power of plants. They curate some of the best super foods, herbs and supplements as well as having one of the most delicious cafe's in NYC. Sometimes a place is not really describable unless you go there and experience it….so go. But go and engage, ask the people who work there questions and learn. They are all about education and trust me, we all have a lot to learn!


Higher Dose, NYC

Sweating is good. Not cute, but we can all agree it’s good for our bods to get it all out. Infrared saunas are the best way to do that. They are the ultimate detox, they help circulation and help with aches and pains. Be sure to stock up on some good podcasts because you’ll be in there for 45 minutes and at some point you're going to need something to take the attention off the fact that your sweating your pits off. My favorite of all time is:


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