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The Wellness Retreat: Destinations for Now

Posted by Claire Distenfeld on



From traditional yoga to a digital detox and coastal havens, discover paths to wellness at these retreats around the world.

Blackberry Farm, Tennesse

We’ll start with Blackberry Farm in Tennesse, as I just got back from there three days ago.  The word enchanting doesn’t get used all that often in the adult world but Blackberry is the epitome of enchanting.

It is exquisitely decorated, each room and cabin different from the next. The food is literally BEYOND! It’s as if they inject puppies and rainbows and babies (not literally but you know that kind of mushy happy feeling) into every morsel of food.

To earn those cals the hikes there are incredible, for both beginners and experts.  And to reward yourself for doing that hike go to the spa…it’s the most relaxing place on earth.

Get the Gavlati or the Smokey Mountain skin glow….so fab.

That’s really it. It’s one of those places you just have to go to understand…and once you get it, you’ll be making excuses to go back whenever you can.


It’s also always fried chicken O’clock and for that everyone is very thankful.

Relax in Style

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Koio's Gavia Sneakers

Amangiri, Utah

And now for my end all be all…Literally the place I would end it all and lay to rest: Amangiri. Belinda Carlyle sang this song “Heaven Is A Place on Earth” … I’m pretty sure this hotel didn’t exist then but maybe she was a prophet and she just knew….because GOSH is this heaven on earth.

Stand alone this is the most beautiful part of the country. 

The Slot/Antelope Canyons look like something out of outer space and the stars at night make you feel like you’re at some trippy insane planetarium. I got engaged there, and after was proposed to my husband thought it would be a great idea to risk our lives and do the “Via Ferata” climbing.  I was literally in shit your pants territory, but once it was all over it was exhilarating and amazing and I highly recommend it.


The Spa here is also world world class.

The thai massage was the best I ever had.

And do the floating meditation chamber…will rock your world.

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