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Why Picnics Are The Unsung Hero of Spring

Posted by Claire Distenfeld on

We don’t picnic enough. Picnics are one of those romantic things that we think we have to do mental gymnastics to do, but really they are so easy and fun. So I guess, I’m just saying make sure you get a good picnic in when the weather gets warm. Anyway to capitalize on that romanticism…I had this light-bulb-moment when thinking about how adorable, cute and "old world" picnics are.  I realized that all the accouterments for picnics are so chic. Frivolous cases for things that we think are ordinary are my jam, like these examples:

So now lets take something ordinary and make it extraordinary…the sandwich! I was thinking about how when you go on a picnic you have these sandwich bags and how cute it would be to make that into a spring accessory.  All the romance of a picnic that you can just hop, skip and jump with all day long.


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